The Don’t Vote Campaign: It’s A Joke

Now here’s a twisted sentiment.

In short: don’t vote (it won’t accomplish anything), don’t trust anyone (no politician ever utters truth) and advocate anarchism (because a lack of government is clearly the answer to all of America’s political, social, and economic problems).

This graphic and its slogan is used by the 'Vote For Nobody Campaign,' which advocates for the establishment of an anarchic system of government and encourages supporters not to vote to show their disenchantment with the current model of U.S. Government.

This message is courtesy of the ‘Vote for Nobody Campaign,’ a group who calls themselves anti-political—a bit redundant if you ask me. This graphic appears to be their official logo. Apparently lending itself to graffiti art, its gained popularity with the walls and buildings of various U.S. cities.

I might like the man best. The faceless image—Nobody!—adds a nice touch, I think.

Supporters of the ‘Vote for Nobody Campaign’ truly believe that leadership will always do more harm than good, that all government is bad government, and above all, that anarchy is the only method to freedom.  It’s all just so far-fetched. I can’t imagine when this campaign thinks the U.S. Government is ever going to fashion itself on a model of anarchy. With an end goal this out-of-reach, the campaign’s arguments are pointless.

The following is an excerpt from The Anti-Electorate Manifesto, ( otherwise known as the Bible to these hopelessly disillusioned believers.

“We, the Anti-Electorate, do not believe there is a need for “strong leadership” in government. We are not drawn to “intellectual” authorities and political “heroes.” We are not impressed with titles, ranks, and pecking orders – politicians, celebrities, and gurus. We do not struggle for control of organizations, social circles, and government. We do not lobby the State for favors or permission to control those with whom we disagree. Rather, we advocate freedom. By its very nature, the State does not. Exercise your right to say “No” to the warfare-welfare system. Refuse to vote. Then tell your friends why.” — Wally Conger, The Anti-Electorate Manifesto

Maybe I’m not cynical enough, but I still stand by voting, even if it’s for no other reason than to say you stood for something. These people and this campaign—they’re standing for nothing.

To learn more about the ‘Vote For Nobody Campaign’—and to read everything they don’t stand for—visit their website at


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