Slews Of Protest Art At Parliament Square Peace Campaign

This image is only one in a slew to be found at the Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London, England.

An image of protest at the Parliament Square Peace Campaign in London, England.

Showing what are either U.S. or U.K. soldiers painting over a peace symbol, the image stands among the hundreds that protest the United States’ and United Kingdom’s actions toward Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Parliament Square Peace Campaign, which has for the last ten years been a 24/7, 365-day event, is one of the most famous symbols of the anti-war movement over the foreign policies of both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Begun on June 2, 2001 by English protester and peace campaigner Brian Haw, it has continued for 3913 days despite attempts by the British Parliament to shut down the operation. The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (PASRA) of 2011 includes provisions intended to stop the loopholes in the earlier Serious Organized Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) of 2005, which was supposed to end Brian Haw’s campaign, but failed to do so.

PASRA went into effect on December 19, 2011. Letters of notice were sent to the Parliament Square Peace Campaign, but the group is contesting the legality of the act and its enforcement. Despite the increased pressure from U.K. police and rising political action from Parliament, the Peace Campaign is protected by an injunction preventing their eviction until March.

For ten years, Haw led the group of protestors, living for the entire period in a tent in a camp on Parliament Square. He passed away on June 18, 2011 following a surgery to remove cancer, and the protest movement has since been led by Barbara Tucker.

On Thursday, police seized tents at the camp and arrested Tucker for police obstruction. In spite of the setbacks, the campaign continued yesterday and continues today.

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