Mixing Old and New

This one plays tricks.

When my eyes first glanced over the images in this picture—and before I’d read the words—I had apparently unconsciously formed the mindset that this would be a propaganda poster about the World Wars or reflect some earlier period of history. I know that I had unconsciously developed this idea because it came as a shock to me that this poster is in fact protesting ‘Obamacare.’

It’s like a time warp: mixing the ideas of today with the design of the past.

WHEN PAST AND PRESENT COLLIDE - This propaganda-themed poster actually leans toward political protest upon closer inspection. Utilizing imagery from the past, it protests a present-day issue.

I’ve decided I like it, although it’s still screwing with whatever portions of my brain distinguishes between past, present, and future.

By no means will I even attempt to delve deeply into the political argument behind this message, however. Health care is quite the sore topic. No pun intended.

In essence though, this propaganda-themed poster satirically suggests that the implementation of ‘Obamacare’ would revert Americans back to a time when rationing was a necessity and citizens were expected to be content with less. In effect, through use of historical imagery, this poster says that ‘Obamacare’ is a step backward, not forward.

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