Bumper Stickers Target President

This video was sponsored by Veer to the Right, a company which offers a variety of pro-Republican t-shirt designs and right wing bumper stickers, along with other conservative political memorabilia.

Video compilation of anti-Obama bumper stickers: 

As a marketing scheme, Veer to the Right compiled what they call “the best anti-Barack Obama bumper stickers” in this three-minute video. Now, I couldn’t even definitively say what political party I support more, but I do think this video is fairly disgraceful—not because I’m a liberal taking offense, but because I think it’s sad that art, in this case, is used to target someone.

The bumper stickers range from the more popular, such as One Big Ass Mistake America” and “Nobama 2012,” to the less-known, such as “I Hated Obama Way Before It Was Cool.” Another celebrates what could be his last day in office with “1-20-13: Obama’s Last Day!” while yet another cites his supposed lack of experience with:

“What a surprise that a man who served 7 years in the state legislature and 3 years in the Senate is not prepared to be President. What. A. Surprise.”

Others focus on his accomplishments in office, or lack thereof, as this one would have citizens believe: “Why pick on Obama? It’s not like he’s done anything!”

Finally, there’s a number protesting Obama’s policies, such as this protest on his support of Medicaid and other programs for the poor: “Work Harder: Millions on Welfare are depending on you!”

It’s not like I haven’t seen these bumper stickers or variants of them before, but seeing them all together in one long roll is a bit more shocking. One alone can come across as funny or clever, perhaps even despite a person’s party affiliation; in a group like this, they are nothing more than hateful.

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